Hi guys! Anyone has passed the third clue in the Frozen hunt? Bit of help? Pleaseeee?



Awesome, very funny and you learn a lot. I knew this because a cousin, he told me he had got it for the wife. It is great, you can try it first, everything is free and if you like it you can hide a present for someone ...



We travelled to London, Indiana mode. I wore a hat the whole hunt. She made fun of me, many times. The last clue was: 'Better you'd do paying more attention/and your man you should look much, much more at/'cause your gift, my dearest, has been always with you/at the top of the head, in none other but in your lover's hat'. Bittersweet. It was awesome.



I'm sorry but I don't understand the point of all this ... I prefer my boyfriend give me the stuff the classic way ... these things, these clues are just annoying, but I thought it was gonna be a nice gift, but the last clue was like, the best present is the time we spend together ... Give me a ring for God's sake!

Amanda Brown


@Lucas, best idea ever, I'm copying you, sorry!

Fernanda Holmes


@ Amanda Brown, your boyfriend should dump you ASAP



@ Amanda Brown, it's the memories what finally counts, dear. You won't take any ring to the after life! I think you should be proud of a boyfriend that thinks spending that time with you is a beautiful thing. If you are not interested, please, pass me his phone

Kristin D


I believe we are the very first gooniesexpedition.com hunters club! We meet once a week and make a Sherlock goonies. Unfortunately, there is no goonies expedition in Liverpool so far πŸ˜₯. We want one, please, please, please ... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Sarah Cummins


Oh! It's a wonderful idea to do something diferent on Christmas. Has anyone done it with kids . .

Jenny O' Grady


Hi @Jenny O'Grady. We have passed a great time doing this together, our little family of four. Anyway, it is not a Disney movie, if your kids are small children you'll need to be there for them, it's not like you can put this on and go to cook or making beds or facetiming or whatever. That's all about anyway, Isn't it?



@ Marina, in our family we are three, our daughter is ten years old now. We have tried too and I t has been very cool. We don't read all the info, as it is too much sometimes for this kind of family experience, but I'd love to and I will any time soon. Una loves it, she loves the riddles and searching around in the Google maps!

Aoife Gibbons


I'd like to wish for a Peter Pan hunt, please. My little son would like it so much! Thanks



Interesting stuff, very funny and full of info. I'll be looking forward to hide something for my friends when their birthdays come, I think that's a brilliant way to improve the whole giving a present experience ... Very nice for doing it any Sunday morning too. Why not?

Margaret Gillian


@ Amanda Brown, the point is exactly that, spending time with family and friends. What do you want a ring for? What would you do with it you all alone? Better do something meaningful with people you love, this hunts are good for that, for example...

Trina D


Lot of fun, guys! I like this a lot, it is like a movie if you really put the proper energy to it. By the way, @Lucas, great idea, I am copying you too

Kevin Soul


I'd be great to get one of these in competition mode, like several teams playing within the same hunt and getting points, or trying to arrive in the last clue in the first place or something like that

Rob Tunney


Guys, I want to do one of these with my kids, they are eight and eleven. Which level do you recommend me? Neo might be too easy, but I don know if they'd be patient enough for hunting on the Sherlock level ...



Hi @Francis. They'll be grand. Just give them a hand when they need it, if they need it. They'll surprise you, you'll see. Our kids love this stuff, they are keen to get us into an Indiana Jones hunt!

Debra Lafferty


Well, something definitely different for gifting

Quo Vadis


At least! This year I will surprise my husband. He doesn't expect this for sure!



Hey, thanks for having me!

Molly Malone


Very fresh initiative, very different. It deserves a try, no doubt



Hi. For all of you stuck in a clue, just start over on the Neo mode, no login, just the free game, and you'll get it much easier...



I hid my daughter new guitar in my bedroom, hired the London hunt. She did it online, spent half an hour or so ... It was good though, it is a different way of doing things. We both had fun!

Josh Kearney





Sorry guys, but this is just boring. We have tried a couple but they aren't enjoyable. Still very fresh, something different. We wish you luck

Amanda Harraghy


Bueno para aprender inglΓ©s!